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T&T Competitive Teams: Southlake Flyers

Trampoline and Tumbling (T&T) competition is the fastest growing discipline within USA Gymnastics. This fun and exciting sport is growing by "leaps and bounds"... or should we say "handsprings and flips"? However you say it, T&T is a blast! Competition is governed by USA Gymnastics and includes not only trampoline but also power tumbling, double mini-trampoline, and synchronized trampoline. These events are contested within the state of Texas, throughout the region, nationally, and internationally. Trampoline was also added to the Olympic games in 2000.

The Southlake Flyers are open to both boys and girls from beginning to elite levels.

Little Bouncers (4 to 6 years old): entry/pre-team level for younger kids

High Flyers: grouped by ability at ages 7 and up

Extreme Flyers: Optional level kids determined by coaches from High Flyers

JumpStart (7 to 12 years old): National developmental program designed to develop the strength, flexibility and basic skills necessary for future success as a competitive athlete within the trampoline and tumbling program

Participation in the Flyers is determined through an evaluation process. We want the girls and boys who do participate to have the skills, aptitude, attitude, and supportive parents that will allow them to succeed as a member of our competitive T&T Team. You should attend the evaluation or make an arrangement with the head coach to determine if your child is ready for this commitment.


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